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An Evening in the Park…

I love seeing families grow and grow up. Last time I saw these kiddos there was a big brother and little sister. Now there is a little sister too! What fun! (and yes these are from last fall, but I never got to blog them and they are way too fun not to) We were laughing that it seemed like the we were at an engagement session, as the kiddos were that cute with each other.  Too cute! Maybe I will get to the 4th of July pictures in December.


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To Firsts…

So there are 3 firsts in this post! Hold on to your seats people. Craziness about to roll.

1) This is my 2nd post in a week.

2) I’m making this post at 10:30 PM (not the usual 12:30AM or 1AM)

3) Half of the kiddos in this post were my very “first” real subjects 5 years ago. (if you can call it that … looking back now)

This little guy is now in Kindergarten… and on a swim team…. and taking piano lessons. I’m tearing up and I’m not even his Mom. Sniff.

Here is big brother 5 years ago..


Here he is today…+ 1 little sister.  I love that these moments catch the kiddos having fun and being silly with their siblings. Because even if they’re always pushing, arguing over the last toy, who get the swishy chair at dinner or whatever it is at your house….they really do like each other.


Thank you for allowing me to capture your family through the years!




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To the Greatest Generation on Memorial Day

This generation of Americans has a rendezvous with destiny.”
–Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Tom Brokaw defined this generation in his book, The Greatest Generation.  This generation of Americans weathered the Great Depression. Then they headed off to World War II or manned  the factories and war effort at home. They returned from abroad to start their lives, their families, and create the America that we know today. Lives were lost or put on hold, to sacrifice for the greater good. All of this done without a request for fame, fanfare, or  credit. A quiet resilience, we haven’t seen since.

I have committed to going back and blogging sessions from last year. I had the honor of documenting the military memorial services of a dear friend’s grandfather last August. He was celebrated with full military honors at Ft. Logan National Cemetery in Denver. To say it was emotional is an understatement. His entire family was there to honor his life, his legacy, and his service to our country.

A veteran of WWII, he was in the U.S. Army 503rd Parachute Regimental Combat Team serving in the South Pacific in seven campaigns between 1943-45 in New Guinea and the Philippines as a combat paratrooper. Wounded on three occasions he was awarded two Bronze Star medals for valor, a Purple Heart medal with two clusters, and the Presidential Unit Citation. Later in life he was responsible for raising hundreds of thousands of dollars in women’s athletic scholarship funds at Central Arizona College. His ceremony was without a casket, as in true Greatest Generation form he donated his body to the University of Arizona Medical School.

The memorial was fitting – surrounded by family, a perfect summer day, and with all the traditions that honor our Veteran’s.


After the service the family gathered to celebrate his life and legacy. It was a joyous gathering filled with tears, smiles, and stories.


I had remembered my friend saying her grandmother just hadn’t been the same since his death. A few months later her grandmother also passed away.  I tear up just thinking about it. To know they were partners in life, but not to be apart for long. I had similar emotions when I flew on a B-17 Bomber like the one my grandfather flew in WWII. We are slowly losing the Greatest Generation. The ones we should be thanking for providing us with the blessings we enjoy today.

To all our military service men and women around the world – thank you for your sacrifice and service to our country. To the spouses and families of our military service – thank you for lending us your loved ones. To the Greatest Generation – thank you for the life  in the Unites States we enjoy today. Happy Memorial Day!



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Looking Back and Looking Forward….

You can tell from my posts I’m a little behind. Shock and awe, I know. My last post was in January. Really? Ummm…FAIL on the blogging bit. I’m gonna try to right the ship. I’m gonna post some old and some new, and whatever I can get around to posting. There are never enough hours in the day, or the week, or the months for that matter. I’m gonna put my best foot forward and summertime is here. For some reason, I feel like summer brings more hours and energy to the days.

I wish I had more time to attend to this blog. But…. I have 4 favorite little ones, a hubby, family, friends, and corporate gig that come first. Sessions are delivered swiftly, but maybe not blogged. (sorry) I have also committed this year to keeping up with the a 365 project that is now feasible only because of an iphone. (visit it here) I know these cell phone photographs will be little moments I’ll look back on and cherish. Good has to be good enough. Great, but not perfect. The notion of “having it all together”  has to be tempered.  I’ve committed to letting the little things go, so I can enjoy the present. Baby steps.

I had some pictures ready to go from Halloween. I will start with Halloween and flip flop though my personal favorites from 2011 and 2012, past sessions, and current sessions.

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays and I hope I can pass my love of the “fun” holiday down to the kiddos. If you want your kiddos to enjoy, you have to join in the fun! We dressed up as the cast from Despicable Me. We’re not fun haters around here!

*Note* – I no longer claim to remember any proper grammar rules from years gone by. They were pushed out of my brain when I had babies. I would claim the same for my spelling, but I’ve always been a horrible speller. I blame growing up with SpellCheck. I’m also paranoid about my grammar because of all those Pinterest quotes. I hope they’re not referring to me.:)


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